Our Vision

By 2025, the PNP Anti-Cybercrime Group shall be a highly responsive and dynamic unit towards the attainment of a safer cyber environment.

Our Mission

Implement and enforce pertinent laws on cybercrime and other cyber related crimes and pursue an effective anti-cybercrime campaign.

Our Functions

  • Investigate all cybercrimes and other crimes in which Information and Communications Technology (ICT) was used in the commission of criminal acts or the object of attack;
  • Conduct data recovery and forensic analysis on all computers, computer peripherals and storage devices, and other digital evidences seized by PNP units and any other law enforcement agencies within the country;
  • Conduct vulnerability assessment on the security of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in both public and private IT infrastructures;
  • Provide technical investigative support to various law enforcement agencies, both local and international, against cyber-enabled criminality.
  •  Maintain an intelligence database of various underground blogs, web forums, chat rooms and other platforms being utilized by various organized criminal groups;
  • Establish and maintain a modern digital forensic laboratory;
  • Conduct continuous specialized trainings and seminars, in coordination with the PNP Training Service on anti-cybercrime operations;
  • Maintain linkages with different PNP offices, local government agencies, other government agencies on matters pertaining to anti-cybercrime operations; and
  • Perform other tasks as directed by the Chief, PNP.

ACG Logo

Each symbol in the PNP-ACG seal has special significance.

  • The SHIELD represents the Cyber Security mandate.
  • The MAGNIFYING GLASS and HARD DRIVE represents the Digital Forensic capability.
  • The HANDCUFF represents the Cyber Response mandate.
  • The Two 32 sets of characters represent the signature HASH of ACG and PNP phrase.
  • A hash is a mathematical algorithm that is run against the data contained within a file or media that serves as signature.
  • The 2013 represent the year of Activation.
  • The Binary numbers “0″ and “1″ behind the inner logo represent the digital world where the PNP ACG belongs.




CYBER COP refers to the bearer who is competent in the field of cybercrime investigation and digital forensics.

  • The GOLD and BLACK (Background) color represent higher ideals and principles by which it is willing to share its wisdom and knowledge with others through training.
  • The ANTENNA which symbolizes connectivity, which means the presence of a strong network of support to the community made possible through the unity realized through a shared signal thereby allowing a strong connectivity to its stakeholders.
  • The GLOBE represents Cybercrime as a Global concern.
  • The SHIELD represents Cyber Security as a status mandate.
  • The MAGNIFYING GLASS and HARD DRIVE represents the Digital Forensics capability.
  • The HANDCUFF with @ represents Cyber Response mandate.