A. Sustain Public Information and Dialogue


Various activities were initiated by this Group to promote awareness and generate support among stakeholders focusing on prevention against cybercrimes and other related concerns towards the realization of having a safer cyber environment.

Public Information and Advocacy

Lectures on PNP P.A.T.R.O.L Plan 2030. In line with the present P.A.T.R.O.L Plan 2030, this Group relentlessly committed to reach out the public by giving lectures, seminars, and dialougues and encourage involvement among stakeholders regarding the Group’s mandate. There are two hundred forty nine (249) public awareness acitivities conducted by this Group with a total of twenty five thousand three hundred fifteen (25,315) participants. Majority of these are 103 lectures during trainings and seminars being initiated by this Group and stakeholders, as shown below:

PNP P.A.T.R.O.L. Plan 2030 Awareness Program Number of Activities Number of Participants
a. Cascading 11 1507
b.Lecture conducted in training/seminars 103 8240
c.Lecture conducted through P.I.C.E 44 6028
d. Lecture conducted in schools 57 8550
e.  Lecture conducted for Business Groups 0 0
f.    Lecture conducted through dialogue for NGO, CVOs, and other Socio-Civic Organizations 34 990
Total 249 25,315

The awareness program covered the different sectors identified to be potential victim/s of cybercrimes for them to prevent or know the appropriate courses of action. Likewise, it is a process of information dissemination for other agencies involved in the prosecution of cybercrime offenses.

Television and Radio Program Interviews. With the great effort

of keeping the public informed, there are thirty three (33) radio and television program interviews conducted by the different networks including on-site interview of operation against cyber criminals. The interviews included updates on the latest cybercrime trends, Top 5 Cybercrime Complaints of 2015, arrested individuals both foreign and Filipinos and recent accomplishment of this Group. Shown below is the figure of said activities:

Types of Medium Number of Activities
a. Television (interview/appearance) 26
b. Radio (interview/appearance) 7

PNP P.A.T.R.O.L. Plan 2030 – Related Information, Education & Communication (IEC) Materials. Increasing our presence to the community, the ACG was able to produce and distribute a total of 3,300 flyers, 1,450 handbook, 400 bookclips, 400 pamphlets, 75 stickers and 75 posters.

Information Dissemination on P.A.T.R.O.L. Plan 2030 through Electronic, Broadcast and Print Media. Using the social media for awareness program, a total of 1,337 activities were posted via Twitter and ACG website to cascade the different activities and accomplishments of this Group.

Cyber Security Bulletins. One of the best practices being implemented by this Group is the timely online publication of information and security topics with a total of twenty five (25) Cyber Security Bulletins posted for this period, as listed below:

  1. Understanding Sweet Orange Exploit Kit;
  2. Understanding Tethering And Hotspot;
  3. Understanding Cloud Computing;
  4. Understanding on Back-Up Data;
  5. Understanding Ransomware;
  6. Computer Network Exploitation;
  7. Understanding the Risk of Point-Of-Sale (POS) Malware;
  8. The Risk of Structured Query Language (SQL) Injection;
  9. Man in the E-Mail Scam;
  10. Understanding a Malware Known as “Dyre Wolf”;
  11. Understanding the Risk of Backdoor.Cyberat Virus;
  12. Understanding Android Security;
  13. Stay Safe on Social Networking Sites;
  14. Understanding Rootkit;
  15. Computer Physical Security;
  16. Securing Smart Televison;
  17. Downloading and File Sharing;
  18. Operating System Fingerprinting;
  19. LusyPOS;
  20. understanding a Malware Known as “worm_kelihos.nb”
  21. Securing Mac Computer;
  22. Securing Mobile Banking;
  23. Understanding the Risk of Devil Robber;
  24. Mobile Scam; and
  25. Understanding the Risk of Banking Dridex Malware.
  26. Citizen Empowerment

Angelnet Summit 2015.  Various groups of professionals, IT Security practitioners and other stakeholders were gathered together to share their respective expertise and learn on the current trends, experiences and other cyber related information. It also highlighted the roles and responsibilities of the participants in the protection of the well-being of the children and their pledge of commitment in combating online child abuses.

Advisory Council. The Advisory Council (AC) became instrumental in the fulfillment of the Group’s core functions as it continues to provide guidance and pieces of advice, all geared towards having a community safe from cyber criminals. At present, Mr. Joey Regala, Chairman AC of this Group is also working hand in hand as member of the National Advisory Group on Police Transformation and Development.