On May 10, 2017 at about 5:00 PM the PNP ACG received a call from a bank representative that there was a person arrested in a Mall in Mandaluyong City for transacting a credit card with fraudulent information. The PNP ACG immediately dispatched a team led by PSI ARTEMIO CINCO JR and coordinated with the Mall’s Customers Relations Service (CRS), a report submitted to Police Director General RONALD M DELA ROSA, Chief, PNP, early this morning.

Police Senior Superintendent RONALDO F DE JESUS, OIC, PNP ACG said that the suspect was already apprehended by security personnel of the Mall and was temporarily put into the custody at the security office.

Based on the initial investigation conducted by PNP ACG, the arrested person is using a credit card under the name of one Crispin Dela Cruz Rumbawa and bought a Samsung Galaxy S8 cellphone with an amount of Php. 45, 990.00. As a standard operating procedure of the store, they are checking the credit card information of the person if the single transaction is more than thirty thousand pesos.

The Mall contacted the bank to verify if the credit card is authentic. They said that the photograph appeared to the identification presented by the arrested person is different from photo on the credit card.

PSSUPT DE JESUS said that the arrested person was identified as STEPHEN FRANCIS LUCENA, 38 years old, jobless and residing in Manila. He further said that based on the information given by the store manager, the suspect has a female companion and was later identified as Nathalia Tripon @ LIAH.

Recovered from his possession are Samsung duos Cellphone with inserted sim card, PLDT ID Card bearing the name, and a credit card under the name of the legitimate owner. The cellphone recovered from the suspect was submitted for digital forensic examination.

The suspect will be charged for violation of Section 9 (k and n) of Republic Act 8484 (Anti-Access Device) together with his female cohort.

PSSUPT DE JESUS encourages financial and other private institutions to coordinate with the law enforcement agencies for investigative assistance and arresting cyber criminals. He further said the cooperation of the bank for this case is an indication that they trusted the capabilities of the PNP ACG in curbing cybercriminals.