The cybercops from the Regional Anti-Cybercrime Unit 1 (RACU 1) through its proactive cyber patrolling has busted the rampant selling of verified GCash e-Wallet accounts through Facebook (FB) Marketplace.

   The suspects, who were live-in partners were identified as Rodelyn S. Regelme, 31 and Frederick G. Liban, 39, were arrested in an entrapment operation by joint elements of RACU 1 and Rosales Municipal Police Station on July 21, 2022 at 6:08 PM, inside a mall in Rosales, Pangasinan.

   The arrest emanated from the rampant posts of the duo in FB Marketplace and various FB Groups relative to the selling of verified GCash e-Wallet accounts for Five Hundred Pesos (Php500.00) each sim card. RACU 1 cybercops engaged the suspects wherein they closed a deal for the sale of 22 pieces of sim cards with verified GCash accounts for a total of Php11,000.00.

   Upon consummation of the crime, the lawmen seized from the possession of the suspects are: a) one unit of blue Oppo Android mobile phone with sim card;  b) one unit of silver Samsung Duos mobile phone; c) one unit of gold Huawei mobile phone; d) one unit of yellow Nokia Keypad mobile phone; e) 22 pieces of sim cards with verified GCash accounts; and f) Php25,000.00 denominated as  one genuine Php1,000.00 bill and 24 pieces of boodle money.

   The suspects will be facing charges for violations of Section 4 (a) (5) (Misuse of Device) and Section 9 (b), (e), and (f) of RA No. 8484 (Access Devices Regulation Act of 1998) in relation to Section 6 of RA No. 10175 (Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012).

  The suspects are now under the custody of Rosales Municipal Police Station for booking procedures and prior to the conduct of inquest proceedings.

  “I laud the efforts of our cybercops from RACU 1 for eliminating another online seller of digital e-wallet accounts. Nowadays, these online sellers of e-wallet accounts are the “go-to” of fraudsters to perpetrate their evil motives as they evade detection since their using different credentials when committing online scam. Once again, we will untiringly conduct police operations on all monitored and verified fraudulent activities online until the last fraudster is placed behind bars. Meanwhile, we remind the public not to sell their credentials to individuals in exchange for a minimal fee.” PBGEN BOWENN JOEY M MASAUDING, THE OFFICER-IN-CHARGE OF PNP-ACG said.