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Another “fake online seller” who swindled an unsuspecting victim was arrested by cybercops from Quezon City at about 12:30 in the afternoon of October 21, 2022.

According to PLT Michael Bernardo, Team Leader of Quezon City District Anti-Cybercrime Team (QCDACT) the suspect, Johanna Mari Paz (Hanna Paz) offers the sale of Iphone 11 online using her Facebook account. The offer is via installment basis with a down payment of five thousand (Php5000.00) pesos.

On September 18, 2022 the victim, Rem Ponce inquired about the Iphone and subsequently sent the down payment to the GCash account number of the suspect. After payment has been sent, no deliveries were made by the suspect.

Repeated follow-ups were made by Ponce but the suspect kept making-up excuses. Eventually, victim demanded for a refund but it was in vain.

Later on, Ponce discovered in Facebook that she was not the only one who got victimized by the suspect when she visited a Facebook Page created by victims of Hanna Paz.

After her discovery, complainant decided to use her other Facebook account and engaged the suspect again with another transaction which subsequently led to the arrest of the suspect.

“Every day, ACG receives numerous complaints of online scams. Some fraudsters pose as fake buyers while others as fake sellers. We constantly remind you to always be vigilant in making online transactions as scammers often hide behind a crowd of faceless anonymities on the internet,” PBGEN JOEL DORIA, Director, ACG said.

Suspect will be facing Criminal Charges for Violations of Art 315 (Swindling/Estafa) of the RPC, in relation to Sec 6 of RA 10175 and is currently detained in Quezon City Custodial Facility.